Think Positive

I read a blog today that said if you are looking for something negative you will find it and if you look for something positive you will find it.
I'm going to say that it is a good thing I found out early that the private school that is within walking distance from the house will not take Jaylee and Aidan for lunch, because now it's off the list. That would mean I do the school walk, there and back, 8 times a day. Can you say no life for mommy?
On the positive side, I have decided that I'm just not looking in the right direction and when I find the right school everything will fall into place.
Truthfully, I want to believe myself but the fact that my left eye is now twitching on the top and bottom is not a good sign.
How about this for a positive side, it rained before and after I picked Jaylee up from school, not during my walk.
How about one more? Bus #62 was nice to me today. After exiting the bus, an older woman that was also on the bus with us walks up to me and says in very slow French, "where are you from in the States?" Good sign, I understand her and she is not giving me the stink eye. We carried on a great little conversation in French and she told me that her daughter married an American and her perfect life would be living in San Fransisco, but not the south of California because it is "Pfff", (that is very French and one day I will be able to translate it better, but for now let's just say it's our way of saying crap".
Now that is a good day on bus #62.

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