I am letting go of "control" and still letting Jaylee pick out her outfits. I must say, she looks like an ass from time to time (most of the time). Let's not forget, that the French totally and let me repeat totally, do not follow this method. Their children are well coordinated right down to the shoes everyday. I even bought these tennis shoes because there is a zipper on the side so she doesn't have to be bothered with tying the laces. Add to that she thinks she knows how to tie her own shoes and can't be bothered by my lessons.
She is one proud woman.

Today I heard her playing with Griffin and she told him, "you be the dad and go see the world and I'll stay home and mind the children." She's quick too. During this play date she also had a meltdown because he wanted to take a little break from his "husband" duties to watch Thomas the Train. I talked her into a pedicure and there was peace once again. The mood swings of this child at 5 are unbelievable, I can't wait until 13.

This guy? He's just cute. I picked him up from school only to find him clawed in the face by another child, but he was all smiles. When Jaylee saw it she had one question, "and what did you do?"

If you ask him what his name is he says, "boy". Thank you Pretty for always saying "he's my boy!" Which really I should not throw stones because when Jaylee was this age she thought her name was "baby" while my friends little girl knew her name perfectly, "Kathrine Ryan Sauder". Her mom's a teacher, clearly I am not.

Last but not least Aidan's new phrase is "I sorry", pronounced, "I thorry" accompanied by wild hand movements to show the series of events that let him to his new phrase.

I must go now, I can hear Jaylee singing, "I must rip off my pants...."



Becky said...

Now that was refreshing. I needed that. Thanks, Peggy.

Sari said...

So adorable! By the way, I've been thinking about you tons lately. Zach (at 2 years 3 months) is coming into his own with the tantrums. Crazy! Everywhere! Even at the Christian bookstore. Hope Aidan's are subsiding. Hugs.

Copper Rabbit said...

I beg to differ, regarding Jaylee’s preference of attire. At first glance it may appear that Jaylee has chosen this ensemble at random, however after a thorough evaluation I believe that is simply not the case. Note her thoughtful employ of a homogenous palette of pink. Via the use of tongue in cheek bubble-gum high-tops and the punch of a hot pink bag she has not only avoided the natural cloying effect of pastels, but appears confident even verging on defiant. The cross-body Hello Kitty purse makes a complex statement; denoting Jaylee’s practical side and at the same time is ironically whimsical. Guffaw now, but mark my words the child is avant la lettre.

Mary said...

Mmmm...I remember a few assemblies her mother wore 'cause "this is the way we dress MOM". I believe this will continue on through high school....I defer to actual photos submitted by Campbells Mom.
"Boy" and Miss J are just CUTE.