How we roll

Beautiful sunny day in Paris today and tomorrow is a holiday. That means that nothing will be open so I must get everything done today.
Ah, one problem, a two year old in a city of people not so fond of kids.
So I came up with a plan, roll and nap.
I got him good and tired and then loaded him up in the "car", The 2003 Maclaren Volvo, now that was a good year for strollers.
The car is now in tip top shape because Brandon sprung for a new pair of "wheels".
My plan worked like a charm, he was out like a light and I got some errands done while he napped.

Do I not have the most spacious trunk you have ever seen?


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Love it. You make me smile. I think I will appreciate my little libby more today as I head from Justin's to school to get Robby, my massage, track, baseball, and my WW meeting, back to baseball, yada yada yada. Now please keep in mind I will probably travel 80 miles as all these events are in different cities in the valley. That would be a hell of a distance in with the Volvo and converses sneakers which by the way, very eighties and very Kerrie. Love seeing you in sneakers Peg.

Cari said...

You make me laugh out loud!!

Mary said...

I love how you think ahead with a sense of style and humor. This office is cracking up.

Peggy Rice said...

I'm here for entertainment folks! Just think of what the people on the streets of Paris think when they see me coming.

Brandon said...

I knew with a little bit of time, I would have you on my side with car talk! By the way love the "Wheels"

patty said...

Love It! Go super mom go!