That's a wrap...on mini vacation #1

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Well we made it back from the sunny days, just to be greeted with a typical Paris day...rain. The vacation was great and it was wonderful to see Patty. For all of you who don't know Patty we have been friends since UNR (a word on UNR at the end). About three years ago she took off to climb some mountains, hang out with the Pygmies and generally see the world. At the end of the adventure she met a Phil and now three years later she is in Chamonix, France.

The town is perfect! It is a combination of Grass Valley, Lake Tahoe, Truckee and Vail. Patty fits right in. The kids were amazed at the paraponters falling from the sky all day. We took a walk and watched them land! It is an amazing thing to see. Jaylee said Phil suggested when she gets bigger maybe her mum will take her. No. Maybe Phil can take her. Better yet, Phil and Patty can take her! Over Brandon's dead body.

Patty also set dinner for us at the MBC. This is the most relaxed restaurant we have found in France. We actually had nachos and burgers. Hence, the walk after dinner. The first night Patty let us stay at her place since she was on a hike/ski with Phil and some friends. I believe it is officially spring here, because while on the hike Patty suffered Snow Blindness. She neglected to wear goggles or sunglasses resulting in the worst sunburn of the eyeballs I have ever seen. Mental note to any of you deciding to go skiing over Spring Break!

I took a video of Patty and Jaylee singing, most of it is dark until the end. It is dark because Patty's eyes were so sensitive to the light, but the video is hilarious!

Also, before I forget. I found the best cookies while we were in Switzerland. Butterherzli. Anything that sounds like butter can't be bad and I'm telling you if you find these in the store do yourself a favor and buy multiple boxes. My mother is about to have a heart attack right now, with just the mention of butter, but I'm telling you people eat the cookies. You can thank me later.

Last, odd side note on UNR. If you click on the link it will take you to the annual moon off. I would like to set the record straight that I started the moon off!!!! The Student Union had just been remodeled and we were looking for a great way to do the grand opening. So, I suggested a midnight opening with a howl at the moon off...set the world's record for largest number of mooners at once. I know, very intellectual of me. Thank you. My parents money and time were well spent. Anyways, the moon off is still going strong!!!! That's all just wanted to give myself a little credit.

Bonne Nuit

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kim said...

Well your little vacation started off rocky with the car sickness and driving on the narrow mountain roads (any grey hairs pop up from that?) but the journey's end looks to be worth it. did'nt know Aidan was a KISS fan and loved Jaylee's impromptu performance.

Love Ya,