A Wii bit old

I am far from sedentary. I walk a lot in this city. I am so damn green I don't even own a car. I walk sometimes pushing a stroller, sometimes carrying that stroller with Aidan in it, up and down metro stairs and I have been known to walk carrying Aidan and pushing the stroller (no advice please, I know, I know...).
So when people ask me if I've joined a gym here in Paris, I laugh. Yeah, it's called sell your car and walk your ass off gym. It's free too.
However, the walking doesn't do anything for your core strength and blah, blah, blah, blah, all the other things that FIT people talk about. So when Santa brought the Wii for Christmas, Brandon and I thought it would be a good idea to get the Wii fit as well. Of course they were sold out.
Well, they are back in stock now and Aunt Kerrie brought one for the Rice household when she came for a visit. I've looked at, thought I should use it and poured myself a glass of wine and turned the other cheek. Well, now I have new found motivation.
Brandon booked our vacation for two weeks in the south of France this summer yesterday. I learned my lesson from filled up ski camps during our winter vacation and I'm happy to report that the children have both been happily booked into day camps at both resorts. When momma's happy, everyone is happy. I was so excited I helped myself to the remainder of the Easter of chocolate and told myself I'ld work out tomorrow.
Today is tomorrow and I DID it!
Tonight I put the kids to bed and instead of my usual wine and blog time, I pulled out the Wii fit.
Wake up call!
Mrs. Wii trainer said my weight and BMI were fine, but then the "little Peggy" on the screen slumped over and started puffing and it flashed either a 42 or 48 behind the little me and said that was my Wii fit age. Why don't I remember if it was 42 or 48? Because like any good person I turn off all brain cells when I don't want to hear what is coming at me.
So I'm a Wii bit old.
Well, the hits didn't stop there my friends.
At one point, while trying to do a "tree" pose it says, "you are a bit shaky". No shit!!!! I'm falling off the board! Then when it grades me it calls me a couch potato. What? She was nice enough to sprinkle in a few comments here and there just to keep me going, but my Lord. Can you imagine if I had tried this a year ago? Actually, I did try the "salutation" pose a few months back, but it was in a doctors office with my pasty white ass facing Dr. Tan. Remember that? Thankfully, Dr. Tan was not in my living room and I was fully clothed as not to scare anyone looking in with binoculars (it's a Paris past time...truly entertaining, I will tell you about my "subjects" some other time). Determined not to give in I pressed on for a full 42 minutes with mixed marks from my trainer.
So here I sit, sipping tea instead of wine, feeling a new motivation for taking better care of myself . Okay, and looking better in a swimsuit this summer for my first "European Vacation". In case you were asking yourself, "will she wear and finally show us the speedo purchased in Italy?"
No, no I will not.


Jenn_Vegas said...

My Wii told me that I am 17 years older then what I am and it also called me a couch potato (I work out 3-5 days a week!). Another great feature about the Wii is it likes to remind you of the last time you used it and how your weight has fluctuated. Other then that I love it!

Mary said...

This confirms it....not buying something that will mock or taunt me.
Wine is your friend and couch potato status is a luxury.
All you need for the swimsuit is a good waxing and spray tan with sculpting.

Peggy Rice said...

Vegas ladies, tonight I "unlocked" more poses and games. Let's just say I'm not coming back as a tree and I missed my calling in hula hoop games! Her insults are growing on me:)

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Nice going Peg and just when I thought I might get a wii. Robby wondered if anything more had been unlocked and I can tell you after all that walking you I am screwed. Also Rob wanted to know how topless on the computer and top floor are doing. That is what he misses most about Paris next to Aidan his cuddle bud and fellow couch cruiser.

Marit said...

Hi Peggy,
Welcome to Wii fit community!
Excellent performance for your first session: 43 minutes!
You will have heeps of fun doing yoga and arobics. My favourite latety in free step (only opens up after certain Wii step exercise), watch TV, while doing exercise:-)
The Wii age things is totally influencable, once you get more adapt and I have scored 55 on multiple occasions.