Maybe it's because I live in the ugliest apartment building in Paris and I feel I deserve a treat for living where I do.

If you could smell your computer screen you would smell the sweetest Freesia. These are still hanging around from when Kerrie and the family were here.This little number was a present to myself for Easter.

I'm not sure what it is, but I love flowers here. They are inexpensive (a rarity in this country) and they make me smile.

Sorry can no longer post, Pretty is eating his dinner and all I can hear is his chewing.


ankelchen said...

The flowers on your last picture are Hydrangeas :)

Love reading your blog, it's like reading a good book.

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks so much for commenting, I love comments!

Jon said...

Boo hoo you live in an ugly apartment building in Paris....

Peggy Rice said...

It's a good thing you toughened me up as a kid or this city would have really kicked my ass by now!!!! Really, it is an eye sore, but I love the light and I'm glad the kids noise levels are not bouncing off of wooden floors...they are muffled a bit here in the ugly:)

Jon said...

Angie told me how lucky you are that you live in the ugly apartment building. Your views are of all the pretty ones... I thought that was funny... Hope you do to.

We had dinner with the Goorjians tonight. We miss you guys. Hug the kids and kiss Brandon for me.