Take that

When mommy does "work"to find summer holiday locations, schools, and activities around Paris,the kids busy themselves. Intellectual games and such. Their minds are continuously growing so I want to make sure they have a stimulating environment. You know, stay on top of our game for all those entrance exams to CP (first grade in Paris) we are just "kicking ass" at. That's right, forget the room full of toys, let's shove Barbie in the toilet paper holder. Where is the toilet paper you ask? Attached to the fairy wands of course. Do I get points for having a chalkboard in the bathroom? Why do I have a chalkboard in the bathroom? Well, in case a moment of genius strikes Aidan while he is screaming at me to get off the toilet, he might just break out a Jackson Pollock.
Thank god my best friend dropped this off at the door today.

Yes, my new best friend just might be 80 years old, but I love her! That is homemade Plum Brandy. I saw Herve, her husband on the street and I'm pretty sure he told me to be careful because it is strong, something about the hand jesters and rotating head from side to side gave me that impression.

My theory is anything that comes in a bottle that pretty can't harm me!


Becky said...

sounds yummy. let me know. the barbie thing really got me. i needed that laugh really bad. been a long week, peg...

Carol said...

I bet that eau de vie has a real kick to it...I love the chalkboard in the bathroom...you are so clever! And you can add your own thoughts!!!

Love ya,


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Be careful Peg, I bet if you drink to much you may end up smoking with the neighbors as well. That stuff looks lethal. XOXOX

Peggy Rice said...

You guys are the greatest! I'm telling you just smelling it makes you cough. I will save you all some!