fly away

A lady at the park today said, "poor birds"

as Aidan tried his best to catch them. He never caught any, but he sure did make them fly today. My theory is simple, the birds know what they have to put up with if they want food. If they are hungry enough they will brave the park, if not, they will try the trash. Now, I am officially that mom who makes up excuses for her children.

However, I will make no excuses for this.

Looks like he is just standing there being sweet, smelling the flowers. My friends, that is a look of pure concentration and I assure you that he is planting his own flowers right there in the middle of the flower patch. I will give him points for trying to pull it off.


Cari said...

He is too cute!!

Mary said...

Ahhh..makes the air just a wee bit sweet'r.
I see the boots still fit. Spring sounds and looks perfect in Paris, enjoy!!