Musee day

There are benefits to living in large city with lots of museums, parks and other attractions. Yes, I know I talk about all the poop on the streets and my struggle with buses 42 and 62. Which come to think of it, I have been in a fabulous mood since Monday (okay, so that's only 2 days) and I do believe it is because I have not crossed the doors of the 62 in a week! Anyways, aside from all my complaining there are GOOD things about having children in Paris.

Today I took Jaylee to a class for children at the Musee du quai Branly. She had a brief introduction as to what she was going to see and then they took the children down into the exhibit to explore. When they finished they went back up to the classroom to create their own Magical Object. Pretty neat.

In true Jaylee style she of course said nothing when she left, but an hour later as we are sitting at the river having a snack, she looks at me as says, "you know those people are real and they live on this planet." I love how she digests things for a while and then decides to talk about it. Very unlike me!

This is her holding her Magic Object inside the sac (marble, feather, string, silver medallion and a bead...maybe she will elaborate tomorrow as to what it actually is). As for Aidan and I, we spent some quality time watching the car roll down the hill and chasing bubbles.

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Carol said...

She is light years ahead of 98% of the rest of the folks in the world, who think everyone else on the planet is either an annoyance or a hindrance...or both!

What a wonderful mom you are!

Love ya,