American Day

Le jardin d'Acclimatation is having an American Festival.
What an experience walking up to the entrance gates seeing American flags hanging all over it. I'm telling you I felt down right welcome.
The kids and I went with our Australian friends which made it even better to hear her comments as well. She is going to the states for the first time on Saturday (Dallas to be exact) and I'm very excited to hear what she thinks. Today, she said, "you know the US is just films for us". Which makes me smile, because that's what France was for me until I moved here. On a day to day, basis I forget she is not American and then she says things that are completely "un-American", like "bloody hell", and I am reminded that she indeed is not from the USA. Because we would simply say "what the crap?" or "shit". Come to think of it, I might pull a Madonna and start saying bloody hell, minus the accent. Here's a thought, now that Madonna is divorced do you think she will start talking like she used to? Susannah says that it is "wankers" that she talks like that now.
I agree.
She is continuously saying things that make giggle and remind me, that even though we both speak English we still need clarification from one another from time to time.
For instance the word, shat.
I was not sure of what she was talking about until I saw this."It looks like she shat her pants."
Just to clarify for all of you who speak Texan as I do, shat is the past tense of shit.
Who the hell buys those pants anyway? Do they look in the mirror and go, "yes, now that is what I was looking for!"
What husband when the wife comes home and says, "what do you think honey", replies, "yes, I love the look of a load in your pants."
People, what part of the 80's can you not let go?
As Marit (Brandon's boss) says, "I'm older and wiser and will not make the same mistakes twice."
I second that.
The day was filled with our colorful terminology.
What happens when two women take four children to a park just like Disney with no husbands?
They get their asses handed to them by their children. I'm walking around threatening mine with spoons and her saying is "do you want a smack?". Seriously, someone should have smacked us for thinking this was a good idea. Okay, they should just smack me, it was my idea. But how could I pass up a class for Jaylee with paper mache and the statue of liberty? Glue, water, educational and not on my kitchen table. Sold. After the day was over, I was trying to recover from the day with a vodka (Aidan laid out on the metro floor and the train floor, Jaylee screamed at me and told me to just GO HOME and then took off by herself...) when she gave me a small glimpse into her world.
She told me a bit about the class and then said that Griffin's mom told her, "I know your French is good, but if you need any help Griffin is really good at French as well." So, I asked her if she needed any help and she said, "No. I just say Oui if I don't understand something."


Carol said...

What is amazing is that woman probably looked in the mirror that morning and said "damn I look good!"

Love ya,


Peggy Rice said...

What is amazing is that these pants are for sale everywhere here in Paris and this is the first person I have actually seen wearing them. I will start a new blog with daily pictures of people wearing them if I see them all summer. It will be my version of a Paris Don't list.

Mary said...

I dream of Genie gone waaay BAD!
The personalized Nevada sign is clever and is he wearing Dallas Cowboy shirt while being arrested? Very cute.

Carol said...

Sort of like the "I love Lucy" episode where they are in Paris and the latest fashion is a feed sack dress and a horse feed bucket for a hat...my first reaction to those pants was "Nooooooooooo"!

And gravity has a way negative impact on big boobs!!! Tell Brandon you are perfect!

Love you,


Jody said...

Peggy-This is Jody that works with Kerrie, I love reading your blog!!! Karrie and I went shopping today and we couldn't find anything quite as sexy as those pants, just kiding :) I hope that I never see them around here, I might have to tell the person wearing them how dumb they look!!!

Peggy Rice said...

So, I guess this means none of you ladies would like me to send you a pair for Mother's Day?

patty said...

Tell me one thing, did they serve deep fried twinkies there? Now that would have been cool. Not just American but TEXAN!!!

Sari said...

I'm surprised and pleased they have an American Day in Paris of all cities. Yeah, the pants are the worst fashion statement ever! About the kids, you crack me up. You put it so well. My kids have recently started handing my ass to me everywhere we go, simultaneously. It sucks, but I just have to laugh at times. Hugs, your assless friend, Sara.