Groomed and ready

I had a doctor's appointment today.
I was ready.
All grooming was in order, I even put on a bit of self tanner to take the blue edge off. Any part that needed hair removal, was removed. I did NOT put on thong underwear this morning in the event that I would be asked to touch my toes. I was going in for a mole removal on my back, but you can never be too sure after the last doctors appointment that I had.
Upon meeting this new doctor, a plastic surgeon no doubt, I was relieved when he was not perfectly bronzed and he was taller than me. I sat down in the office and thankfully he spoke perfect English, we chatted a bit and then he asked to see the mole.
Ah, the moment had arrived.
To my surprise he says, "you can just turn and lift your shirt".
Thank you Jesus!
Even when he removed the mole he said, "just lay down here and we will do it with your shirt on."
Considering Brandon has talked to this man on a previous occasion (without me there) about a breast enlargement for yours truly, I was never more thankful to be asked to keep my shirt on. However, I did put on my best "push up" just in case!
So there you have it, a doctors appointment without humiliation...it can be done in Paris.
I go back in 15 days to remove the stitches and I think this grooming will just have to last until then!!!


patty said...

BTW, was looking at the picture on your blog as I always due when I pop open to see what's happening in the world of "Rue Rice," saw beyond the Eifle Tower, and just thought, DAAAAAMN Pegalicious lives in a big city! Good luck to you lady! You are doing great! Tell Jaylee that I'm thinking of her, bought some flowers today and thought how it would be fun to have her helping me plant them!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Going to the doctor is like getting ready for a date!! All groomed and best push up?? Randy wishes that I cared so much!! 7 years of marriage and two kids, I kind of don't!

Campbell's House said...

I say take him up on the boob job!