Have we talked about the process of getting children into school in Paris, France? Yes, yes we have. Well, let me just remind you that it is a bit stressful. We have received one rejection letter.

That's right, they did not take my little butterfly fairy. She not all looks, she has smarts too.Did I mention she was famous here in Paris? This photo appears on the American Library in Paris website. Look at that determination.

Anyway, I know that everything happens for a reason and we will find our perfect fit.

In the meantime Brandon and I are making the rounds/interviews trying to find the right school for Jaylee and Aidan here in Paris.

One thing is for sure, we have found the perfect way to calm our nerves after the process and it is called French red wine.



Carol said...

Bastards....which one? They probably only take future sociopaths so it is just as well that our precious Jaylee will be going somewhere else...was it the one I wrote the reference for? If it is I am sorry....

You will find the perfect school!!!

Love and hugs and kisses


Dad said...

I'm sure that y'all will find the right one!
We're still on for the end of May.

Love Dad

Peggy Rice said...

Carlo, that's why I love you so. Yes it was the one you wrote the letter for and a perfect letter it was I must say! I'm saving it so she can one day. Love You!

Peggy Rice said...

Hey Carlo, I'm mean Carol!

Campbell's House said...

Gotta love Red Wine! It's like a magic gift from God.

Give Jaylee and Aiden a kiss from us!

Alan's take: Those French Frogs are crazy anyway!