Give away

Okay, I'm not officially Parisian, but I have learned a thing or two from them. Well, actually I've learned a ton, but we will visit that on the year anniversary blog. When you are walking around town, tourist area or not, you can always spot an American. How?
These little suckers.Freshly plucked from the shelves before departure. Shiny, new tennis shoes, pristine white for the girls and manly black for the men. If they bust out a fanny pack tomorrow I will be forced to draw the line!

In the meantime, we have liquored them up, which seems to be a theme around this household and they are resting peacefully.

Er, resting peacefully, passed out it's all the same.

Good Night.


patty said...

Just say no to the fanny pack. Seriously, do American's still not know what a fanny is to the rest of English speaking societies? :)

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I had heard that American's could be spotted a mile away with the tennis shoes, so I left mine at home!!! Couldn't hide the texan speak though!!

Sari said...

BTW, I didn't take that quiz, but I will soon. Can't wait to see the results. Just say "no" to the tennis shoes. Hugs!