I did it again

When the neighbor rang the bell tonight I was not going to go over. But who could resist an 80+ year old woman pushing vodka? Not me.
Off I went with my freshly swallowed Benadryl (bad allergy day!).
I said no twice, but by proposition number three I could no longer hold her or her husband off the bottle.
When they poured my glass I expected them to do the same for themselves.
But, no they did not. My French is passable enough to communicate a "why not you drink vodka?" I assume that might be what I sounded like, maybe worse.
To which they respond "tres forte", simply stated too strong, while pouring themselves a nice port.
I do not have the vocabulary nor the heart to tell them I generally do not drink vodka straight.
Cheers and good night.
PS. you all suck for not commenting on yesterdays post. Love you, mean it.


Cari said...

So, I now read all my blogs I follow via the iPhone in lines, traffic,doctor offices, etc... So, I haven't figured out to post comments not being on a computer...Then by the time I get to the computer, I forget... I know, its no excuse...
Just call me SLACKER!!!

Hey, did Helen tell you I saw her in SA?? I just love that girl!! You P-ville girls ROCK!!

Jon said...

Sorry.... no comment today either. Wisdom teeth pulled and still in pain.

patty said...

Phil says I'd be an elephant seal cause I like to lie out in the sun, eat and drink my fill, am more than a little scary, posturing, a little vain, very loud and aggressive, and in your face.

We are no longer talking.

patty said...

Phil would be an ass.

patty said...

Though of course, now he says I am the ass as I am stubborn, braying and bad tempered.

I no longer like Phil.

patty said...

I think I am a goose because I'm elegant and independent. I like to let things roll of my back. I like water and dry land. Like family, but like to cruise on my own as well. I'll bite you if you come close to my food.

He agrees and says it's because I am elegant, independent, protective, dutiful, faithful, strong, honking, bad tempered, moody and hostile.

Phil almost had his girlfriend back.


patty said...

Phil is still an ass.

patty said...

And of course I was joking about the elegant thing. Bull in a china closet as my mom always told me. Though, I am not saying if I were an animal I would be a bull. Cause there's no way in Hades I'd ever let a matadore in lycra tights and a girly cloak kick my ass. See, im not elegant.

Dad said...

Did I post correctly?