I can't believe we are coming up on our year anniversary in Paris and of this blog. Crazy. I must say this blog has brought me so much comfort over the past year. You know what I do when I need a good laugh? I go back to the post on what animal would you be. Remember that one?
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Honestly, my post is not what makes me laugh, it's your comments that kill me! Brings a smile every time.

Missy said...
I think a Meerkat. They tend to be very altruistic, social, family oriented and resourceful. Not necessarily the most attractive little critter but their personality traits and disposition are admirable.

Cari said...
I want to be a bear! Why? Because I don't like cold weather! I would love to sleep thru the winter and even lose fifteen to forty percent of my body weight during the winter just by sleeping!!

Copper Rabbit said...
I thought I was a rabbit, but Anita says I am an otter. Tonight I had clams for dinner and cracked them open with a rock while laying on my back. I liked it. Love, Otter

Bur said...
Anita says I am a moma Bear. Not sure why? I think I would be a Fish of some kind. Maybe I could be a Monkey, you know like the one on the shirt that Brandon has!!!

patty said...
Deep discussion on the animal issue here at the Goorjian household. Greg said that he was a puma being that his "world class athlete" status and all. I told him that he was an ostrich due to his skinny legs......he's not talking to me now. I guess that I'm a horse. Unruly hair and my ass is a big as one. Plus I don't like it when people ride me. Oh, and I like carrots!

Kerrie said...
Rob is sleeping right now and can't stand up for himself and since he quit chewing two weeks ago the three of us agree he is a jackass, Robby thinks he would be a tazmanian devil, always on the go and leaving a wake of destruction in his path.Jordan is still thinking so I will let you in on mine, a Bulldog. I get a hold of something and don't let go. I chew and chew and chew on it. Jordan would be a cat, lazy and laying about, primping herself and pouncing on her brother for every little thing he does.

Renee of Austin said...
We've really been pondering this one at the Codina casa. To the point that Alan has now insisted we "LET IT GO!"Campbell might be a porcupine- lovely to look at but not to be tangled with. In leui of the neighbor-lady post, I 'm a little reluctant to admit I think I am a cat- i like things my way and I do like being catered to,Alan: not sure. What animal nags its mate about spending too much money, loves football, and is an excellent cook?
much love,Meow

It's been a year and I would still say I'm a squirrel. However, I'm not such a panicky one anymore. I'm more of a city squirrel, rather than a country one now. I now feel a bit more confident to linger a bit in places that made me nervous, but when my anxiety reaches a certain level (or Aidan's screaming) whichever comes first, I dart out just in time before my heart leaps out of my chest.

How about you, any changes, new additions?

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