San Pellegrino Terme

Wednesday found the Rice's in San Pellegrino Terme.This is not a tourist spot, so everyone in town was very interested in what we were doing there. My "Spatalian" was in full force. Trying to explain the single mother out and about on the streets with two blonde children.
You know who likes blonde headed children more than Mexico?
Everyone touched them and talked to us. Such nice people. I am going to go into culture shock when we return to Paris. A girl could get used to people saying good morning on the street.
How could you not say Good Morning to that face? Oh, maybe it's because Italians are not constantly looking down for piles of shit. That's right, they clean up after their dogs in San Pellegrino.
While Brandon was off to work and the kids and I had parks and food to get to.
Aidan has found his food of choice. All smiles, all the time, well that's a lie, just during food time.
As for my beverage of choice, cappuccino. I asked for it to go, so I could take it to the park and she could not fathom drinking it from a plastic cup so I got this.

I like their style.


Marit said...

Have fun in Italia!
Wii will see you again sson!

Sari said...

Is San Pellegrino Terme south of Florence? I visited a hot springs when I was in Italy - the name sounds familiar. Keep posting. Love the updates.

Carol said...

Is this the water I buy at Costco ??? I thought it was one of those old fashioned tourist places...where one went to take the "waters"...

How cool and that pasta looks yummy..


Renee of Austin said...

To-go china? I absolutely Luh-Huv it!!! (typed as I slurp an iced black tea through a green, plastic, Starbucks straw)