The Vail of Italy.
Where fashion is a fierce sport.
That's this BAG. Complete with pink leather gloves.
I got Jaylee her ski jacket at an outdoor market. When we got to Bormio and went shopping, she says, "these are better, we should have gotten my coat here."
The child knows the difference between 30 euros and 330 euros early.
I'm scared.
This is Jaylee's kind of town.
Seeing as the boots I wanted last time we were here, were now on sale from 880 euros to a new low price of 440 euros and all the spots at ski school where taken up, we decided on a new activity to keep us busy.

We thought it might be fun to take in some water activities, so walked to Bormio Terme.

A day at Bormio Terme goes a bit like this for the Peggy and her two munchkins while daddy is working.

Swim caps (mandatory at all European pools, guaranteed to make you look like an ass. The exception, children they look oddly cute):
15 euors
Speedo swim suite for mommy (Tight, just like the Italians like it, and don't ask for a bigger size because that one is perfect and sales lady will have nothing of the sort. Good bye breasts. Hello flat chest, flat ass and elastic digging into your crotch. No, you don't get a picture.):
44 euros
Robe and towel rental (Must cover up what I just bought):
5 euros
Pink goggles (Jaylee insisted):
9 euros
Skid proof slipper for kids:
20 euros
So cute it hurts.

Those slippers were not Aidan slip proof.

One trip to the Italian ER:

Zero euros.

Experience in the Italian ER with only French, Italian and Spanish spoken:

Interesting to say the least.

Two stitches and an experience that will stick with he and mommy for a long time.

At point I heard the word "inhuman" from one of the nurses yelling at the doctor about Aidan not being numb...I pulled him from the table. All the women screaming at the man, one nurse leaves, doctor leaves, we all pull ourselves back together and finish up the job.

Aidan was just as pissed as the first time.

Glass of wine at the end of the day:



Campbell's House said...

Oh Peggy! I just don't know what to say. It sounded like such a fun outing- but when I got the mental image of you decked out in the Italian swim gear i knew things were sure to take a nasty turn.
You are my hero!
Thanks for sharing! Sorry for giggling.
Love you bunches!!

Kerrie said...

Peggy, The bag link was just cruel, as much for one I liked as our airline tickets! One Day. I hope that Aiden heals well and have fun trimming the stitches tonight.Love to you all and 25days!!!!Kerrie