A little bit of happy

I follow many blogs as you all know.
Along the way, I found this ONE.
Send them your love and prayers.
She is truly an angel now.
I do not understand life.
I do know that HE has us all in his hands.
So I am going to hug and kiss mine and love every minute of our craziness.


Carol said...

Abraham Lincoln once said something to the effect that if we understood the hardships others face we would be happy to take our own troubles and depart....Love you and your loving and generous heart...get some rest.


Becky said...

Oh, how close that family is to my heart right now. The pain is fresh and it brings up new pain in me, which is good. You never want to forget. Because if you forget that pain, you forget how precious the one's are around you. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all how little time we have with the one's we love.