Cheers Tricia

My father has had many business deals and ventures throughout my childhood. Along the way I have met some very interesting people. That is putting it mildly. There were the lost puppy ones looking for a new dad, ex-con's, ex-con's in the making, high rollers, cowboys, Indians (no, not cowboys and Indians at the same time and not the Native American type either), 80's ladies alive and well who had not been told it was 2000.
You get the point, a whole lot of interesting people! Let me also say it was not uncommon for an 80's lady and/or ex-con to show up at Father's Day, birthdays, or Christmas. To put it plainly you just could never be sure of the people my dad hired.
So years back when my dad started a burger business and hired some new "suspects", okay, so that's what I called his employees.
I had some reservations people.
I walked into the Lightening Room , aka the office, and met Heather and Tricia. This time he had hired what appeared to be "normal" people. Tricia was married, and to a man who worked with a church no less. She was young, energetic, funny, smart and down right likable. Suspect #1, way too normal. Heather, same thing. Young, cute, dating a guy with ties to Pleasanton, smart and did I mention great teeth. Suspect #2, again far too normal. So, with reservation, I made small talk.
Well, guess what?
The year was 1998 and today I continue to speak with both suspects.
These girls turned out to BE normal and I am happy to call them friends.
Turns out that the church Tricia's husband Jimmy worked for was Fellowship Church and we were lucky to enough to see them on a regular basis. As for Heather, I had clients that were her and Tricia's high school friends. As for Ronnie, Heather's significant other, he is just as amazing as she is. They are truly a great group of people.
But today, this group of people need some extra love.
Jimmy, Tricia's husband, finished his work here on earth and got called home Saturday.
It is with a heavy heart, a glass of wine and so many questions that I type that.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight" (Proverbs 3:5-6).
The above is from our pastors blog. I know it to be true. It is hard for me to swallow, but I know it is true.
I have those intellectual friends that don't believe in Christ and I pray that they do one day. I pray that in their lifetime they meet someone like Tricia.
She glows. She radiates when she smiles. I have never met a nonbeliever who does this. The fact that she has such a strong core gives me a peace that she will find her way through this time.
She is a woman filled with grace and strength and we are sending her and her young sons prayers from the city of Paris tonight.
Cheers Tricia, we love you!

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York Family said...

You made me cry, Peggy. Thank you so much for your sweet words and your sweet phone call. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. May God richly bless you and your family for your sweet, sweet heart! Love you girlie!