All in a days work

On more than one occasion, you may have heard me say/wish that I had some help. Well, I decided to look at life with a fresh eye and I found that I actually do have help...
I have sous chefs. Aidan's not real sure about it, so he gives it a lick. See there, he even washes dishes. When he's tired and I'm busy, he makes himself a bed at my feet.If I'm on the phone and away from the kitchen, he helps himself...Shopping. Well, he helps me there too. However, sometimes he has to be talked out of the corner to want to actually go, but we eventually get there.
Sometimes the best surprise is just around the corner. Today Daddy surprised us as we were on our way out. So I had not one, but two helpers. Jaylee was busy as usual with her ever full calendar. However, before she left for the afternoon she had a few parting words for me.
I must give you a small bit of back ground first.
Most all of the children at her school have nannies and the nannies are from North Africa. Jaylee does not understand that these women are nannies.
This afternoon I told her she would be going to ballet with her friend and her friends mother. Her response,
"O' her black mom."
I tried to explain, but it did absolutely no good.


Becky said...

I have to say, the egg scene sent me into a fit of coughs because I do have the flu. Very funny. Then again, another fit of coughs with the "black mom". That is hysterical. I needed that clearing of my lungs.

Sari said...

A helper is a helper. You're definitely looking on the bright side of things. Love the attitude.

The nanny comment is hilarious. I guess it's all that part of the cultural experience and exposure of living in another country...right? :)

Glad Brandon came home to surprise you guys. He's a good husband!