Rhythm optional

When we were back in the states we found a song that we love! It has home written all over it. The tune, the words, the whole feeling of it.
Not only do Brandon and I love it, the kids do too.
Walking home from school today Jaylee requested "I kissed a girl", so wrong, yet so funny and the "Chicken Fried" song.
Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Brandon, drunk dancing and multi-tasking, err, I mean Jaylee...


Becky said...

I like how she stops and starts writing on the ds. Very funny.

Sari said...

So funny. I really needed the laugh. I love it. She's too cute!

Michelle said...

Hilarious...and by the way, your furniture is fabulous! I just can't believe how big she's getting...was she writing down the words to the song?