Teacher meeting today.
After meeting the new babysitter and besides poor Brandon's fears, she was just fine.
I found her on Craigslist and she came complete with a lip and nose piercing. Very hippyish, world traveling type. Very kind. Would she have been my first choice if I had seen her first? Nope. But, then I remember back to my college days.
One day I decided it was a great idea to get a tattoo.
She must have decided one day to get a few piercings, so who am I to judge.
I came home to a happy Aidan and all was fine.
She did not kidnap the children.
For all of you who don't know, Brandon was kidnapped by the babysitter as a child and was found three days later in another state.
To put it mildly, he is sensitive to the babysitter selection process.
To put it VERY mildly.
Any who. I had this babysitter, so I could go to my meeting with Jaylee's teacher, report card/progress day.
I'm not sure why, but every time I meet with this woman I am almost brought to tears. I held them in and remained rational.
When I hear that Jaylee does not speak, in English or French, to adults at school it breaks my heart. She said she never seeks attention, never cries (the first time was yesterday, since September, the child has not cried at school!), she said Jaylee is very independent. Her teacher said that at times she looks at Jaylee during the day and it's as if she is not present and other times she is very present.
This is funny, because I see her "cloud over" every time I go to a presentation that they put on at school. At times it's as if she just checks out. When I ask her, she says, "I'm fine." I swear, she is her father made over. I talk too much, and she won't speak.
So, through all the mental anguish I have I thought through today, I have come to this conclusion.
Sometimes the hardest things in life are the best things. I am going to keep telling myself this and pray that it turns out to be true.


Carol said...


Jaylee is just fine...she is adapting to so much...I remember when our oldest son was in kindergarten and the teacher went on and on about his sisscor skills...and how his fine motor skills were behind. He is now a systems database anaylst (whatever the hell that means ;-) !) so I guess he never has to cut anything up....You are a wonderful mother and you are giving your children a broad exposure to the world. Just what our country needs in its future citizens.
She will be fine and so will you.

Love you,


How horrible for Brandon...it is amazing he can trust at all!

Campbell's House said...

Kidnapped??? Why have i never heard this before? Eeeeeeks!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I don't know which to comment on first, Brandon's experience or Jaylee's!!

You and Jaylee both have been troupers in this whole move. She's going to be fine. Remember when Christian was hitting every child at CU, including Jaylee??? I thought he nor I, would survive that year long stint, but we did, and she will too. One day she'll know what a cool experience this is and will be fluent in another language, and then your problem will be boys!!! Hang in there, see you in 4 weeks!!