Wii bit of fun

Santa brought the Rice family a Wii for Christmas. I guess Santa knew that it is mostly cold and rainy in Paris so he got us a Wii to stay active inside.
However, we have taken our own spin on it. We like to host what is called Wii and Wine.
Mom and Brandon started the tradition in Vegas one night. Somehow, between the two of them they made their way through five bottles of wine and a whole lot of Wii fun.
So, if it is good enough for mom, it is good enough for me.
Meet our challengers
Marit and Elias.
They put the hurt on Brandon and I. Yes, that's right. Team Rice did not represent, but we will come back. However, this little Lady, put the hurt on everyone.
The look of a killer! The girl has some skills at bowling. Her brother, on the other hand, he has some anger issues to work out first.

Don't worry, he doesn't just save moments like this for closed doors. Nope, he likes to do it anywhere he sees necessary.

You see this. They put these things all over Paris, just to make the day a bit more interesting. So they finally got my 5 euros. After, months of saying no, I gave in...You know what happens when the ride is over? You have to leave. Or have the ever popular melt down in public. Yep. The melt down. It's always fun. You know what I say to all those disapproving faces?

You put it there, you get what you deserve. You don't want kids screaming on the street? Don't install a Merry Go Round.


Campbell's House said...

What??? No wooden spoon action???
Now, you are just showing off! The old Peggy I know would have busted out the wooden spoon right there at the Merry Go Round with all of Paris watching...
On the other hand- Austin Texas style mothering calls for "diversion" aka M&Ms in the purse and a nice bottle of red wine at home!
Way to go, P!
The hippies will be proud!

jaclyn said...

i'm more than likely going to regret this...
but my sister and i had a bit of wii fun ourselves...