I knew it was coming

Paris and I have a love hate relationship from time to time.
My kids are no match for it's plethora of bacteria and viruses.
Aidan goes to school for two days and is home for at least four.
He was so lucky to have spread the bacteria from his nose to his eyes and also has an ear infection. Lucky kid.

Jaylee has been a bit luckier lately, but her time ran out. Thursday she told us her neck was sore. We thought she had a crick. Friday as she was eating breakfast, yes I cook breakfast and there is no Schwan man in Paris, she sighed every time she swallowed. I felt her forehead, hot as a firecracker.

Tonsillitis, fever, infection in the eyes and nose as well.

The upside to all of this?

They did it together.


Kerrie said...

Peggy I don't know how you do it. Jaylee looks so sick and Aidan always is. You have got to have the patience of Jobe. Yet you still have a sense of humor. I am in awe of you. Keep your chin up.

Sari said...

You and I need a drink together...or a vacation. Jake and Zach were sick together for the first time last week - as Ben was recovering from back surgery. Patience is a virtue, they say. Do you know where we can get a refill? Hang in there. Hugs!