UNICEF project

The star mother that I am, I did not know there was a presentation at school this morning. Trust me, my hair told the world that I was just planing on dropping and running back to the house. Reason number 101# I need to learn French a bit faster, there was a note informing me of this presentation, it was in French. I put it in the "later" pile.
Well, later was today, and I showed up with no camera! Thank you to Oona's mother for these pictures.
Jaylee's school teams up with UNICEF every year to make these dolls for the kids to adopt (mom's and dad's donate money to UNICEF) or they can give the doll they made back to UNICEF for them to sell. “Les Frimousses, Une poupée adoptée, C’est une vie sauvée” (A doll adopted, is a life saved…) is the slogan for this project in France. All the proceeds go to vaccinating a child in another country that would otherwise not be vaccinated.

Did Jaylee go for my speech about donating the doll for a good cause? Nope. Just try to pry that handmade doll from her little hands and see what happens. So I wrote my check and shut my mouth. Her instructions to me upon my departure were, "don't let Aidan touch Emma".

Before they did the presentation of the dolls, the kids did a few dances that they had been working on from around the world. I must say the dances sure did look like square dancing to better music. I'm getting the feeling that square dancing did not originate in the USA or Pleasanton Elementary for that fact. We just changed up the music a bit and adding in some Texas calls/shouts. The French, they use a polite little clap and the children "change their partner and Docey-doe".

While my sweet little girl may not know Square Dancing the way I do, she sure does have a broader picture of the world than I did at her age.

I love all the colors of the people and French spelling of Asia and Africa!

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