No respect

You all remember the turkey with no skin saga?
Well, this country really has it in for poultry.
The new year of course has brought new goals like every other person in states and one of mine was to have a grocery budget.
You know, not just buying anything I see on the shelf.
So, I decided on a roast chicken. Being the new frugal person that I want to be, I decided it would do double duty and make The Lady's Chicken Noodle Soup, the next night.
I am happily preparing the bird when what do I see?

The sticker is stuck directly to the chicken's skin with full on adhesion! What gives? This is a fine lesson to not go budget on the chicken. Budget and all, who places a sticker directly on the meat? They don't even stick stickers to fruit in this country. Come now, give the poultry a little respect. They would never do this to a pig in this country. Now that is some skin/fat that gets high marks here.

So I scrub the chicken's ass and voila she is ready.

The chicken is as it should be...


Becky said...

That looks good...a sticker directly on the meat. Lived in Germany and I can say I never saw that...

Carol said...

Well at least you know where the chicken came from ;-)...obviously this is no street bird with such a distinguished label!!!

Looks yummy...


Jenn_Vegas said...

I just printed the Lady's Chicken Noodle Soup last week, I was planning on doing the same thing. I hope it turned out great.