Sorry for the delay in posting...Brandon got back from "vacation" on Friday,pardon me, I meant work, Jaylee calls it vacation when he goes away. What's that picture above? The view from his hotel window while working. Hum.

Anyways, we had a busy weekend (still organizing from the trip), but thankfully Katie and Scott called on Sunday to invite us to Chinatown and save us from a day inside spent doing chores. Chinatown.

Where the people are small, personal bubble space in unheard of, prices are good, the movies are pirated and the food is fresh.Loved it.

Loved it so much we were inspired to make our own sushi from the goodies we purchased.

Brandon and I sat around the kitchen table and rolled out our sushi. What do you think? I highly recommend that you and your "other" try it some time.
So we are off to another week. Last week ended on a very funny note. The kids and I overslept on Friday, so when Jaylee told me that the clock said 9:05, I decided that we were not going to do the walk of shame up to school. NOPE, we all rolled over and slept off the last bit of the jet lag. Here's what we missed at school,

Chers parents

Mauvaise nouvelle : les petites bêtes exécrées sont de retour ! Vérifiez bien la tête de vos enfants pendant le week-end !Bon week end quand même


In English, that would be

Dear parents

Bad news: those terrible crawling things which love your children’s hair are back!! Check their heads!But don’t let them ruin your week-end, have a super week-end!


Well, sometimes over sleeping is not so bad.

So far so good. We are braiding the hair, putting lavender behind her ears and I'm doing my best to not freak out about everything they touch.

These are the times that we wish we had heads like this!!!

Love ya Tom.

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Kerrie said...

Peg. I am tellin ya lookout and wear the hair up. Those are bugs you don't want to tagle with. They also say that tea tree is good.