Picture of Paris

Any country that decorates the bakery just as much as a clothing store I can get behind.

Look at the wood detail above and below the windows.

It rained buckets today and the bakers where still out and about decorating the outside of their storefronts. That is dedication.

I also saw these and I think they are so very cute. I present to you the French Christmas tree (Sapin).
They are real trees flocked with such intense color. They also had black, pink and purple. What a great idea!!!
As for me, a much better day.

Brandon came home from his business trip and order was restored once again. He took Aidan or a child posing as "Aidan" to school this morning. No screaming at the stroller, he remained silent and seated in the stroller on the bus. Did he scream when Brandon left him at daycare? Nope.

What do I say to that?

Thank YOU!

I had a quiet breakfast by myself and watched the rain come down from inside a warm and cozy cafe. Not one screaming child in sight.

I Believe in down time.
I Believe in my husband.

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