It is official, we can now travel outside the country of France with our children. If I have learned anything about living abroad it is this, the French love paper work! One of the major themes of most expat books centers around the headache of this country and their love of paper. However, I will also say this, our "service" that helps us through the sea of paper work is amazing.

Friday morning we walked up to a rather long line of other poor souls just trying to survive the paper work shuffle of France. However luck was on our side. As we were accepting our fate of serving our time in the rain and cold with the other expats, the security guard walked right up to us and escorted us to the front door, where our "girl" was waiting. As the uproar was beginning behind us, she said something to the tune of they have a baby and placed us safely and warming inside the doors.
I truly do not think I will every let Aidan out of that stroller.
Once inside Sabine, our helper, said, "I propose we go to window #9". To which I silently giggled, because once again, books have been centered around the "window". One book called window #4 the kiss of death window. They can and will say no for no apparent reason. It just depends on who you get and what kind of mood they are in.

Lucky again. Window #9 was just fine...

Little Miss even signed herself. She is 4! Such a proud moment.

If anyone wants to know what my mother, grandmother or aunt Tia might look like when they are pissed...I present to you...a snapshot...I Believe online shopping is harder than I thought.
I Believe I miss Starbucks drive thru.


Sari said...

Yay! Congrats! Can't wait to see you in Dallas.

I believe in going for a drive to see Christmas lights.

Carol said...

Well dear, in the good ole USA we dump all of our paperwork on the elderly....the endless amount of paperwork for Social Security etc is mindboggling...

Another thing the French do love though and that is "Tout s'arrangera!"...Though I suppose it is more charming from this side of the pond.

Love ya


patty said...

I believe my boyfriend is an amazing man.

I believe that friends can indeed be just like family.

I believe that Paris is a great city to VISIT.

I believe my friend Peggy is an amazing woman!

I believe that Jaylee will be ruling the world by age 20.