Who's the Man?

Brandon is the man.

Brandon and Jaylee had some one on one time this weekend and it was just what we all needed. Saturday morning started off at the indoor water park, lunch at McDonald's and then the afternoon was spent with Santa and friends...

When Jaylee had enough of the crowd she looked up at her dad and said, "let's go."

Off they went for a fancy coke, just like Fancy Nancy.Here's to one good Dad!!!!

I Believe in listening to Christmas music and sipping on coffee.

I Believe you all need to start telling me what you Believe!

I Believe reading your responses makes me smile!


Becky said...

I Believe that my boys will learn to love each other one day.

I Believe that a good friend and a cup of coffee makes it all better.

I Believe this will make Peggy feel like we are listening to her!

Sari said...

I believe in daddy time with the kids.
I believe I will make it through this week while daddy's in Austria.
I believe we'll really feel the Christmas spirit once daddy gets home.

Hugs, Sara

Peggy Rice said...

You ladies are the best! When I'm in Dallas we must meet for cocktails, you will love each other!!!!

Sari said...

I believe in cocktails with new and longtime friends.

Cari said...

I believe that I love cocktails!!
I believe in the Red Raiders!
I believe in family and friendships!
I belive in love!!

So glad u got my Christmas card!

Campbell's House said...

I Believe that I was left out of the loop... coming to Big D? When?

I Believe that Daddy's who don't mind sipping imaginary tea out of a cup during a Cowboys football game Totally ROCK!!

Carol said...

I believe that blogs are the best thing to happen to friendship since the invention of the postage stamp.

I know you are far away, but it is so wonderful to see all the pictures and I can hear your voice...