Birthday Girl

Okay, I swear this blog is not becoming the "Jaylee Birthday Blog", but we had her actual party today and we had a blast!

Very low key, very nice.
We had a light lunch.
We remembered old friends.We went to the movies.
We walked home in the rain!!!!

We had cake...yummy cake.
We had tea, (thanks Angie!)I Believe I am going to be on a plane in less than 24 hours!!!
I Believe I am unbelievably excited.


Sari said...

I believe in "girls just want to have fun."

I believe we're all so excited to see you soon.


Marit said...

Hi Peggy,

Have a save flight!
And great holidays!


Copper Rabbit said...

Just to let everyone know. I bought the tea along with the tea-pot before I left Paris so Jaylee could open it on her birthday. The tea was caffeine-free. Even though Peggy encouraged Patty to drive us through the Mont Blanc range instead of over the pass and even though she knows I hate enclosed spaces; I still would not load her kids up on caffeine and leave. However, don't think I have forgotten about that, Peggy. Love you, mean it and see you soon:)

patty said...

I believe Copper Rabbit is a fabulous family member!