Sweet Land of fast food, friendly people and open spaces!
What a trip!
15 hours in flight!

Not one complaint out of this little lady.But what a way to flyThis little guy had a 5 minute outburst, but then decided to settle in for a long Benadryl induced nap.

As for me, something about champagne at take off, appetizers, a good meal and endless wine makes for a good trip. Is it odd that I found Brandon extremely attractive mid flight after my third glass of wine? A man that makes travel like this possible I find extremely sexy:-)

Even the 5 hours on the ground were done in style. However, there is something about taking kids to a "club"...we know how to clear a room.

Don't worry, it wasn't all bliss, there were bare bottom spankings given out after a trip to the airport gift shop, plenty of threats, and of course the spoon was in my purse. But, truly, I am proud of them.

We landed safely in Vegas (after missing our flight in Dallas) to be met at the airport by the fabulous Mema, Jon and Anita. A comforting sight to see. I love being home!

What did we do the next morning after being awake for 28 hours?

We headed to the airport.

For another 7 hours of travel...

Don't we look dangerous?

We do to Las Vegas security. We got so lucky to be "selected" for a full family body x-ray, complete with luggage search and body dusting. Tell me this, once your entire body has been x-rayed by Las Vegas finest 60+, grey haired immigrants, why must you remove your shoes? Did you not just look through my shoes?

Now, would it be a Rice trip without a sickness?

At one point on the flight I look at Aidan to find bright red cheeks and yellow mucous coming out of his eyes. Perfect.

However, life with Jaylee is always funny. We landed in Spokane and Jaylee asks, "do they speak English here?". Yes, yes they do. She also, looked out the window and says, "hey, that's the United States flag!". When she saw a red maple leaf of Canada Air, she says, "That's Canada. The maple leaf is on their flag." Smart cookie.

So, we are here in the grand old USA, one doctors appointment down (double ear infection complete with a sinus infection for my little Aidan), a fancy new hair cut by aunt Kerrie,

And one very nice afternoon spent shopping in downtown Wallace.I Believe that home is nice.

I Believe that small town USA has unbelievably nice people.

I Believe it's 6 degrees here!!!!


Cari said...

So glad you made it safe and sound! Y'all look amazing!!
Merry Christmas!

PS. Call me if you have spare time in Dallas! :)

patty said...

Welcome Home Peg! Thanks for trying to sort out a key for us in Paris. We were in Scotland without cells or laptops which is why we didn't get back to you. Have a great time with your family. Big Hug to Everyone .


Sari said...

Welcome Home!!! Glad you all made it safe. Thanks for the updates. Love to hear from you.

Hugs and happiness,

Campbell's House said...

Glad you are safe and sound. Call me!

Carol said...

I am so glad you are back in the USA and I am looking forward to seeing you in January!!

Love ya....Merry Christmas!