Birthday Events

Jaylee is having a progressive birthday this year.

We baked a caked and took it to her school, where they sang to her in French (she loved that part!).

After school I picked her up and we headed to a party at Aidan's school.

Eventually Aidan had a good time...


Brother and Sister both had a good time.

We didn't leave the party until 7pm so we missed many of your calls, but we do so appreciate them. I sat down with Jaylee and we read "her" emails. She loved each and everyone. Tonight I am featuring one from my cousins husband (without his approval, but I loved it so much I can't help myself!).

This note is for a very special person…Jaylee. I want you to know that I spoke to a camel today and it wanted me to wish you a very happy birthday. While I was writing you this letter a little bird tweeted a sweet little song as your birthday message, she sang “I hope all of your wishes come true.” Even the wind whispered a happy birthday message. So all that is left is for me to wish you a happy birthday, so here it goes. Dear Jaylee, I want to wish you a super duper, happy birthday with tasty cakes and beautiful presents and lots and lots and lots of love. All my love, chris.

Tomorrow, I will show a smilebox that my cousin Angie made along with plenty of birthday fun!!!

Bonne Nuit

I Believe we are surrounded by the best family and friends.


Carol said...

Can it be a year since we had pink birthday cake at your home in Arlington????

Bonne anniversaire, ma petite!



Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Happy Birthday Jaylee!!! I am very impressed that you wrote your own name on your traveling paperwork. Perhaps you could teach Christian a thing or two!! We can't wait to see you in Texas. Christian wants you to stay over and play play play!!