What mommies do at 1:30 am...

Make homemade frosting for birthday cakes.

For little girls like this...

Tomorrow my little girl turns 5!!!!

I Believe that time flies.


Becky said...

She is five? I do believe time does fly. My baby just put on his highschool ring. That will make you wonder where the time has gone.

I Believe I can get through a teens wrath.

I Believe that even though he is taller than me he will always be my baby.

Sari said...

I believe Jaylee looks like a model - LOVE THE RED LIPSTICK!!!

Happy Birthday Jaylee! I don't know many little girls who can say they were living in Paris on their 5th birthday.

Cari said...

Happy Birthday Jaylee! I just sent Helen a Birthday email too!
HOpe y'all have a wonderful day!

I believe I'm going to drink about a case of Cuuurrss Light tonight! :)

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Jaylee!

I believe birthday's should always be celebrated! Champagne/ginger ale all around!



Campbell's House said...

Way to go, Mom! And way to rock your birthday Paris-style, Miss Jaylee!!

I believe your Mommy sure does love you... So do we. Happy birthday, pretty girl.

A said...

where do i get lips like those please?

Brenna said...

Jaylee looks BEACOUP CHIC in black! So jealous you could celebrate the big 5 in Paris!!!