Turn that frown upside down

Because I'm grumpy I'm going to make a list. A thankful list. I'm going to turn this frown upside down. It's November, it's the thankful month. So, let's get this list going...I will start and then you feel free to add...
  • Butter
  • Umbrellas
  • Crock-Pots
  • Fallen yellow leaves
  • Cozy blankets
  • Adian's laugh
  • Jaylee's sage advice and comments
  • Kisses from the kids
  • Brandon's great hugs
  • Hand soap
  • Visitors
  • New friends and life long friends
  • The cookie isle at the store
  • Pain chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Cool, crisp air
  • Naps

I'm feeling better already.


Cari said...


Oh, and you want visitors? Might sign up for that! XOXO!

Missy said...

Is it weird that I don't find it at all strange that butter was the first item on your thankful list?

Carol said...

As I drove home from work tonight, I was listening to a story on NPR about a mineworker in Africa....the daily struggle that was his life was simply beyond my comprehension...I am so thankful to be here in the US of A, and I am so thankful for the technology (which I have often cursed) that allows us all to be in community...even when you are so far away.

Be well,


Brandon said...

Beautiful wife
Welcome home hugs from my kids
Fresh Bread
Wine Stores

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Babygirl(aka SUNSHINE), the world is a better place with you in it.
Things I am thankful for:
Being a child of God, family/loved ones, Martini/Margarita/Wine, video poker, weekends, naps, walks, planes and rain. (I live in the desert ya know)
Enjoy your day!!!
Love ya,

jeanne said...

A Good Book, Cozy Fireplace on a rainy day, an our Family's/Friends Health.

Happy Birthday Peggy, enjoy your day!

Love and Miss you all,
Mom & Barney

Jeremy said...

I'm going to take a different angle... what I was thankful for in 1995:

- Keystone Light
- Big Macs

That was about it...

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I love that butter was first on your list!! I Can't wait to eat with you in Paris.

patty said...

Kisses, Hugs. Love, Tacos, Friends near and far & especially those in Paris btw, list not necessarily in order in case you were thinking you came after tacos!) going home, that home is always home, for places in the world where you are free to think and believe what you want without the threat of violence and death. For family and friends that are like family.

Milo & Joey Good said...

1. vegan "mayo"
2. sourpatch watermelon candy
3. weekend naps
4. "the soup" friday nights on e!
5. fresh, clean sheets
6. westsoy's chocolate soy milk WITH peppermint
7. gentle yoga in the morning
8. prescription medication
9. hugs from little people
10. my awesomely awesome husband