What a day brings

Beautiful day in Paris. Not a drop of rain from the sky. We spent the morning at the library, went to the park, had lunch with Sabina and Matis. Nothing better.
But, what a difference a few hours can make.
While at the library Aidan appeared to have something in his eye. Sabina and I told him to BLINK.
Who knew a few hours later that "something" would turn into an oozing case of pink eye.
Doesn't Jaylee look down right pleasant?
Who knew a few hours later I would hear vomit sounds coming from her room. That's right, projectile vomiting on the wall in her sleep.
The day took a turn on me.


Cari said...

YOWSWERS GIRLY!! Throwing up is BAD BAD BAD in my book!
My throw up story for today...Working on an IP Psych unit, you see it all. Well, today was no different... We have a child that pukes when shes mad or told no. Yip, thats right...Walking thru the unit, she was told no, and she hurled...RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! I almost lossed it. It was horrible!

Carol said...

Someday, I PROMISE, this will happen, you will miss their sweet little bodies snuggled up to yours! This will end in a few short years.

And if they are puking they are off at college doing it on their own.

Love you....



Isn't this Beaujolais season????

Peggy Rice said...

If it is Beaujolais season and I don't know about it, I am one sad French wanna be!!! We are going to a wine event November 31, I will let you know.

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Motherhood is such a glamourous job!!! I'm about to go to CU to pick up C&C, wonder what kind of treats they have in store for me????