The Negotiator

When I fill out paper work and it asks for occupation, I feel I need a bit more room. A single line just doesn't do the trick. But lately, if I had to summarize my job, I would take the title of Head Negotiator.

Today started out with my typical love/hate relationship with bus #62. It ran slow, therefor the Rice Family ran slow. Actually, I thought I could walk faster than the bus, but it turns out I can't. So I did the walk of shame up the hill to Jaylee's school. However, I will take hand outs whenever needed and some very nice mother spared me the "buzz of shame", by holding the gate open for me. In France, they lock the main gate to the school and if by chance you are running late, you must buzz up, plead your case and then someone comes down and opens the gate for you. Thankfully, I was spared.

So, I will take small victories as they come.

Jaylee, is to be picked up at 4:30. I left the house at 3:00. You can never tell how Aidan's mood is going to turn once he sees the stroller. He has a love/hate relationship with the stroller. Somehow, I negotiated a smooth boarding of the stroller and we were off.

However, my luck changed at the grocery store. I turned from the cashier just in time to see Aidan clawing his sisters face at the front of the Franprix. Unfortunately, there are only 4 checkout lines, so everyone else saw the same scene as I did. How, I miss the good old days of Target when my screaming kids just blended in with everyone else. If we were at Target no one would have noticed the fresh baguette hit the floor, Jaylee scream and Aidan push her out of the stroller.

My negotiating skills went out the window. I became more like my squirrel, I gathered up my children and scurried off.


Jeremy said...

Peg - you should be ashamed of yourself. As an American, you would have whipped out the wooden spoon and beat the crap out of him. I remember seeing you pull the spoon on Jaylee on the walk to the church parking lot for crying out loud. If some French person has a problem with it, smack THEM with the wooden spoon.

patty said...

Ha ha! I was just going to say something about how I wonder what the french folks would've said if you had whipped out a wooden spoon. Apparently Jeremy beat me to it! Don't worry, the French "teach" their children as well, it's just done behind closed doors. Perhaps you could call your mom and get her to teach you how to do the eyes she used to give you. The ones that made you go quiet cause you knew you were going to have a chit chat with a wooden spoon as soon as you got home!

Peggy Rice said...

I get publicly scorned for not having a hat on Aidan. I can only the assume the tongue lashing in French I would receive, if they saw my spoon.