Seven Days

From Aidan's Dedication September 07

This is a photo from Aidan's dedication at Fellowship Church.

I put in many hours of volunteer work in order to make that day happen. Brandon, well not so much. We will call his role "support". I volunteered in the nursery just about every Saturday for four months. What does that mean? That means I was at church for about 3 1/2 hours each Saturday after working. Where was Brandon? Across the street enjoying some tasty treats at the Mexican Food Restaurant.

Well, it seems Brandon has a new found interest in Fellowship Church. I will say the Spirit and Ed have motivated him to a "whole n'other level". Our old Pastor is calling for married couples to have sex for 7 days.

That's right and Brandon got that message loud and clear. Volunteering in the nursery or as a greeter never really struck a cord with him, but somehow this one hit the right chord.

Seven Days of Sex from Fellowship Church on Vimeo.

So, we shall obey.


Sari said...

Sounds like you're not alone. It was local & national headline news. It'll be interesting to see what the birth rates will be in about 9 months. Y'all have fun!

Campbell's House said...

I am officially blocking this site from Alan's phone, computer, laptop, etc! =)
I am predicting an addition to Rue Rice!!!
Love ya!!

Copper Rabbit said...

I got out of there just in time!