It's over

You know vacation is over when you are taking your four year old to school and the homeless person that hangs out at the bus stop decides it's time for a potty break.
She stands up, which I make no real note of and I turn to talk to Jaylee.
I will say this.
It is a shocker when you turn around only to be confronted by a large, very white, very bare ass, squatting over the street taking a piss.
Vacation is completely over.
At this moment I am just waiting for Jaylee to say something. But, oddly, sadly, thankfully, she said nothing. She is officially a city kid.
I, on the other hand, was having a very long mental dialogue with myself.
"What happened in her life? There is a free public toilet within eye shot of here. Why not there? Please don't let that happen to anyone I know. For the love of Pete, would the bus hurry? Why did I sell the cars? Dear, Lord please be with that woman as she goes about her day."
This is at 8:45am.
I look up and away, only to spot a bare chested, muscular young man ironing his clothes through the window.
Now, that's more like it.

So, we are settling in after vacation. I must say, that we had a great time, but I will also say, that parents need a vacation without children.
Love, love, love those kids, but it's not really a mom vacation when you are threatening with the wooden spoon, changing diapers, washing clothes and cleaning vomit out of a carseat.
Yes, they still have car sickness.
When we got to Italy, and walked up to the rental car, we knew they had not gotten the memo of our blacklisted Rice name.
They gave us a BMW.
Silly people.
My cousin Angie, was a soldier, she sat in the back.
When she came very close to a sympathy vomit, I yelled at her.
"No! Only the children are allowed to vomit."
She was a good girl and held it in.

Speaking of Angie, she left today. At 6:45am she was slinking out the front door trying to avoid a goodbye.
I caught her.
In her own words, quietness is not her strong point.

Angie, thanks so much for coming and spending time with us. We love you.

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Cari said...

I love the pics. Looks like y'all are having an amazing time!

I need to get your address. Can you send it to me?