Miss me?

Can you tell my computer is still down?
I've missed you so.

We are on vacation in Chamonix, France and I am blogging to you from Patty Hescock's Mac.  I'm pretty sure when I asked for a computer, I asked for a Mac.  
Dell was cheaper.
I wonder why?

Enough complaining.  

I am out of Paris in fresh air and life is good.  
I have not had to avoid a pile a poop in  a week.  That fact, mixed with great food and shopping, makes for a great week.  We have been to Cittadella, Bormio, and Bergimo, Italy. 
Amazing places.  
The people on the streets say good morning, smile and actually make eye contact.  People actually like children in Italy.  So life has been good to us this week.  So nice in fact that I even got some shopping done.  To date I have bought three new pairs of boots and a new sweater.  Pretty is not to happy with that, but really what is a girl to do when faced with boots from Italy?  Here is how I see it.
I sold a car with four tires and a spare.  If my calculations are correct, I have two more pairs to go.  I also remember that Brandon had to have fancy rims for those tires to go around.  I see accessories in my future.

Besides, shopping we had some fabulous meals and great wine.  According to recent studies, our hearts should be healthy for a good while, due to Italian wine.

Another great event in Italy, Aidan gave up the pacifier.  He has been sick, so in order to give him medicine I had the idea of sticking it to his pacifier. 
He didn't take the medicine and hasn't touched the pacifier since.

I have a ton of pictures, but it seems I have forgotten my USB cord.  Very smart.  So, in the meantime I am using photos from Brandon's camera.

We are now in Chamonix, France.  Where this very sweet mountain girl gave up a day of skiing to pick us up.

To take us through here.
This tunnel is a bit long.  It is equipped with fire stations, due to  fire a few years back.  If any of you know me well, I laugh when I'm nervous.  If I get pulled over, I laugh.  If someone gets hurt, I laugh.  I feel danger, I laugh.  This was no different.
Thankfully, my children were not affected in the least bit.
My cousin, took a different route.  That is her under the coat.  She simply said, "I'm not talking to you guys."

It was all worth it, because it brought us out right in the middle of Chamonix.
Life is good on RueRice.



Marit said...

Have fun guys, for rain is waiting for you here in Paris!

Carol said...

I have missed you! Glad you are having fun...Love, hugs and kisses all around!


Sari said...

Yay! So good to hear from you. Have a blast. Hugs!

jeanne said...

When we were growing up, my Dad always "honked" when we went through a tunnel. Now, Barney makes sure he does it for me. Seems like you all must have done a lot of honking in that tunnel! I want to be you!

Love and miss you guys, Mom & Barney

jeanne said...
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The Teenager said...

Well its true what she says about the wine and her heart being healthy...i miss you guys and was that patty in the car if it as tell her i said hi...
love you lots and can't wait till we talk again i have some wonderfull news...