It's late

So much to say, and I'm so tired.
First off, who is the dummy that forgot to give the power cord to Alain?
Therefore, computer not fixed just yet.
Let's all pray for tomorrow, because I have great pictures for you all.

So, I am going to give you a small breakdown of how things are going.

  • 2 stands for tantrum. Did you know that a 2 year old can make dirt angles at the entrance of a grocery store?
  • Had lunch at a Paris land mark. Fabulous food, great service, beautiful place, but someone forgot to tell the snooty hostess that four hair clips around her ponytail went out of style back when she was 10.
  • Does anyone love Julia Childs as much as my cousin and I do? Well, if you do then you have heard of the store E. Dehillerin in Paris. A cooks dream of what heaven might be like. Except, if our sales guy is the one who meets you at the pearly gates, I want another entrance.
  • I got publicly mocked twice today on my command of the French language. I had a few words in my head for them, but they weren't French words. However, they would have been spoken correctly.

Life with Jaylee.

Walking out of the metro tonight Angela commented that she was thankful that it had stopped raining and I agreed, as did Jaylee, "yea, it rains every damn day here."


Carol said...

Repetez apres moi: And who won the war!!!! You are not speaking German, at least!!!!!

Let'em have it girl...you want me to come over and give them the arched eyebrows of death. They are insufferable but they do have great wine.

I love Jaylee...what a great comment.

Love you all,


patty said...

Heh Chica,

Jaylee makes me laugh! What a cutie.

Phil's nephew asked his mom, "Mummy, is 'fuck' a bad word?" Yes, Fergus, "fuck" is a bad word. His reply with a smirk on his face was, "So, then I can't say fuck then Mummy?" No, Fergus, you can't. Kids are great. Jaylee sounds more grown up than she should be!

Looking forward to having you out here and playing with the kids! We will babysit for a night so you and Brandon can have a date!

Lots of Love Chica!

See you Saturday!


The Teenager said...

WOW that last part about jaylee and what she had to say about the rain reminded me of her kicking my A@#...LOL WELL...good times