If there is a lemon law on computers I would officially like to submit mine.
I have a love hate relationship with my computer.
When it works, I love it.
When it doesn't, I hate it.
From the lack of posts, can you tell which state I am currently in?
Dell, you are still the devil.
However, I have now bypassed Dell and just gone to someone smart, Sabina's husband.
I am telling you, every Dell employee I connect with sounds like they just smoked a fat one and then decided it would be fun to pick up the phone.
When I finish talking to them, I feel like maybe I should have done the same.
Don't worry, I reach for the wine instead.


Cari said...

BLASTED DELL! I wish you the best of luck with them!

Marit said...

Hi Peggy,
I was already disappointed, for I am all ready for my task of commenting on your blog, and no new blog items to comment on! How can that be? Now I know:-) and forgive you!!


BTW what about a comment on our blog:-)?

The Teenager said...

If you die we can rule out the possibility of a heart problem...lol (the wine)