Why Goulash? Because this is a true schmorgeshborg of photos and thoughts. So get yourself a cold one of whatever you like to drink and sit back, this is going to be a long one.
First up, Justin's farewell photo at the airport. He got a new bag while he was here and I think he was looking very handsome on his departure.Brandon even got a smirk out of him. Maybe because he was finally getting away from us?
Next up, a glimpse into what happens on most mornings at our home.
This is why I am late most places. Life always seems to get away from me, but at least they are enjoying themselves.
With my cousin Angie in town I get to see a glimpse of my life through her camera lens.

This is what I look like waiting on the metro. I must say I don't always have Snow White and a sleeping bunny with me. On most occasions they seem like the Tasmanian Devil duo, but today I think we look rather civilized.
Here is my little bunny and Matis at the American Library Halloween celebration.
Matis picked up a new little lady, but Aidan was there to supervise. I wish I had gotten a picture of the little pirate who did not like me whatsoever! Every chance he got, he threw me a dirty look. I swear the kid must ride bus #42, because he had the French glare down.
Now, on to Jaylee's costume. Why is she not wearing the perfect Fancy Nancy costume that she wore to the Eiffel Tower? Because, that outfit is only for the Eiffel Tower. How silly am I to think that she should wear it anywhere, but the Tower?
So, this is her in her Snow White outfit, that will soon be the Snow White mini dress.
On a completely random note, this is a beautiful building at the end of the street near the library. I love every aspect of this building. This is what I think of when I think of Paris.

It reminds me of something out of a Disney Movie. But the real question is, does it have an elevator?

Since, our elevator is has gone out so much lately, Angie and I have enlisted a new method of using it while she is here. We divide and conquer. This method insures that one of us is free to call for help if the other is to get stuck.

Now on to more family matters.

In a previous post you have learned how much I liked Cabbage Patch Kids as a little girl. What you don't know is that my brother Jon had one mission, to destroy the dolls or me, I'm not sure which or maybe both?

A few examples for you:

  1. Drilled holes in my birthday cake and filled them with salt and then ever so graciously and generously offered to frost the cake. Imaging our surprise when we bit into the cake!
  2. A gold fish was an invitation to see just how long a fish could survive in a pint of ice cream. Not long I assure you.
  3. Held a "cold" iron to my arm and was very surprised by my screams. Seemed he failed to notice that it had been used just moments before.
  4. Now, the best for last. I would walk into my room and switch the light on, only to find that he had attached all of my dolls to the fan blades and made sure the fan had been set to high speed. Duck and roll!!!

Well, it seems my children have accomplished what my brother attempted so many times.

No one is fessing up.

Much like my childhood.

Love you Jon.

Lastly, Angie got a shot of me, conducting a very important transaction in Paris.

Bonne Nuit


Peggy Rice said...

I hear crickets.

Brandon said...

This is the funniest blog I have seen yet. Thank you for making me smile today!

Marit said...

Hi Peggy,

I will try again to comment on your blog only if you promiss to comment on mine!


Sari said...

I was in P-town last week...believe me you really hear lots of crickets when there's no internet. I love your blog! Especially, the last one. Sounds like you haven't skipped a beat. Good for you! Keep taste testing until we can get there to taste for ourselves.