Goodbye, Hello

Tonight we say goodbye to Grandpa.

The men headed out to have one last nice dinner together at Justin's favorite spot (I may be partial, but I think Pretty, really does look pretty tonight).This was the place to be and be seen in the 70's, and the same is true for today. I'm not sure what that says about me, because I've never set foot in the place. I believe I am officially uncool. You see that random lady with the stroller, most likely drooling over the wine and wondering what it's like to have dinner with an actual lit candle on the table, just pretend that's me.

So, as we say goodbye to one, we welcome another.

Cooper Rabbit has arrived in Paris. What does this mean to you all? She is my best responder to this blog (Carol, you are number 2...when is your visit?), so you all have a new job for the next three weeks!!! No pressure.

She started the trip out just right, by bearing gifts.

That is an actual boy dress up outfit. No more princess dress up for him. You see that sword in his hand?All together a bad idea. Take cover, the kid is a natural and he takes no prisoners. Needless to say, we did not allow that sword at lunch.We couldn't risk him spilling our wine.

The wine was safe because Aidan was busy trying to force feed Minnie. If the child was not feeding Minnie, he was busy eating bread out of that ashtray.

Mother of the year here I come!


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The Teenager said...

The picture of aiden with the hat on is adorable.....It is 1 oclock on saturdy and i just realized i missed my chance to talk to jaylee and my boyfriend:)lol I am laughing about the boyfriend thing not that i couldn't talk to them....anyways i love yall lots and will be sure to call yall tomorow..... Brandon i also loved your pictures from Egypt...LUCKY...LOL