Preschool and Halloween

I present to you, the brownies gone wrong. I crumbled them up and made dirt.

Not what I planned, but it worked.

This is Miss Jaylee with her friend Oona and of course there is a little bunny squeezing in on the fun.You didn't think that he would just let Jaylee dress up and not himself.

We left Jaylee to the fun and took our little bunny and headed out for a coffee.The problem with taking a bunny out in Paris...people start to talk to you...with a whole new vocabulary that I have yet to learn. So we smiled and learned the word for bunny - lapin.

But the best part of the preschool party came at the end of the day when I got to go back and read a story.

A fun group filled with the cutest little voices that you have ever heard.

On the way home Jaylee asked me, "how do we get that French voice?". To which I replied, "we have to learn French."


Carol said...

When life (or your oven! You may need to check the temperature) hands you a cracked cake...make dirt...very clever.

And how cute they celebrate Halloween.

Love you

jaclyn said...

look at you! cute little mommy - helping out at the school... fitting right in too... dressed appropriately in black :) love ya!