34 years

Today, marks my 34 years on this grand earth. wow.

Not a bad day.

I called in help this afternoon and stepped out for a while. I love a babysitter that watches children as well as cleans. That is like two presents in one!

Yesterday, my friend Carol made a comment on the blog that she thought it was "Beaujolais season". Well, Carol you were right.

Every November 20 marks this season in France. Now, I don't know about you, but hunting season never really got me going. But, wine season, now I'm all for that.

In the spirit of the season I thought I should do my part. No hunting/drinking license required! That being said, I would like to officially come clean. Welcome to my drunk blog.

Isabelle, my French tutor, informed me that the grapes are from last month and these are the first bottles. Well, I like what I'm tasting. So much so, that I believe I have had 5 glasses. Cheers.

How did I come to 5 glasses?

It is her fault.

Actually she's got a bun in the oven, so I thought I would drink for her as well.
Cheers to everyone and wishing you a great weekend. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I can hear your messages I just can's use the phone. Both phones are dead. You have to love Paris.


Carol said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend! and Happy Beaujolais season!
Love ya,


bob said...

Hope you had a wonderful day that you can remember despite the wine. We both love beaujolais and wish we could have enjoyed a glass, or two. with you!

Love, Bob and Isobel

Becky said...

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday!! Miss the Peggy!!

Renee of Austin said...

Love to the birthday girl!! I have been working on a little something for your birthday. But the devil (Dell) has put a little hitch in my plans. Don't fret, it may be late, but surely worth the wait!
Happy 34th!