Slowly but surely

Sir Aidan is coming around rather nicely. We went to the park today and he didn't even hit another child. I might have even gotten away with reading a magazine had I taken one. He was down right pleasant to the other children. Amazing.

The day got even better when Brandon brought home a surprise for me.

He says it's my birthday gift. Nope, my birthday is in November. I call it, thanks for being a great wife gift. My bag is actually a bit different. The leather parts are stamped like lizard. I love it. Now that I have the official "work horse" purse of Paris, I might fit in a little better. Just until the time I open my mouth, my French is still not fooling anyone. I read on a website that this Longchamp bag is the "work horse" purse of Paris and since everyone here has one, I believe it. Now I am an official Parisian. Right.

Grandpa also picked up a new bag there as well.

He doesn't look happy about it, but trust me he is. I will get a smile out of him soon. Like the laundry in the back?

We did find something that makes Grandpa smile.

He is loving the restaurant down stairs. Tonight he ran down and got these...yum.

Pretty just poured me a glass of wine the size of a big gulp.

Bonne Nuit.

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