These are the prescriptions when your daughter comes down with scarlatine. What is scarlatine you ask? Scarlet Fever.
Let's see, a few months back Aidan got the measles, Pretty broke his knee, Aidan had surgery last week and now Miss Jaylee has Scarlet Fever. I swear if the plague makes a come back we are out of here. The way I see it, we have had just about everything now, so we should be good for awhile.
Oddly enough she is very happy. So happy and spunky in fact, that the other night during diner negotiations she "mooned" her father. It was more of red speckled moon (thanks to the scarlet fever), but nonetheless, a moon. Everyone in shock, including her 90 year old grandfather, she was sent to time out and Brandon quickly asked me, "what are you teaching her?" I have to say I can't take credit for it, but it sure was funny. When is the last time you were so angry that words just wouldn't do the trick so you pulled your pants down?
Aside from a red sand paper rash all over her body and a tongue that looks like a strange strawberry, I'd say she is feeling just fine.

Seeing as we have been sequestered to the house for a few days now, Aidan's recovery calls for 4 baths a day for 5 days and Jaylee with the SF, we have had some time for crafts.

Let me start by saying I love Martha Stewart. I swear when she went to jail I wanted to wear a "Free Martha" shirt. Also, Martha loves Halloween just about as much as I do. That being said, I volunteered to do the food for Jaylee's class so we got a start on it this week.

Next, we are doing batty bags, trust me, it will keep them busy between Aidan's baths.

Have you ever tried bathing a little boy four times a day?

Today I bought water balloons just to bribe him, it worked.

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