We have wonderful friends and family that sent us much needed prayers and well wishes today. They say your friends are a reflection of you...we are looking pretty good.

You all are so important to us and we love you.

He was such a brave boy today. We arrived at the hospital a bit before 8:00am and he went into surgery at 11:30am. That is a long wait for a kid who last ate at 7:00pm the night before, it was a long time for me too, so I can only imagine! I would have no clue what was going on during the day had my friend Elana not come and saved us. We were supposed to have a "host" that would translate for us. We never met that host. Thank you Jesus for Elana.

When she got there we figured out why it was taking so long.

Surgeries that involve the "bottom" are done last because they are dirty.


I'm telling you folks we are not in Kansas anymore.

We shared a room with two other babies and their parents. At first I was not sure about the whole "sharing" thing, but really it was okay. Each of our children took their turns vomiting and we all pitched in and helped each other. Pre-stocked vomit trays? Who needs them, just come running when you need one. Thank heavens I'm used to vomiting kids!
Most of the kids came down the hall sacked out, not ours. I could hear him well before I saw him. Jaylee was the same way after every surgery. I will say this, they are tough, and we are always the first to be released.
We are home resting comfortably and he is happy.

This truly is the happiest that I have seen him in a month. Normally, when I'm cooking diner he is crying trying to crawl up my leg. Maybe it's the drugs, maybe it's the relief, but I'm telling you he is a completely different kid.

Well, that's it for now. The kids are asleep and I'm soon to follow. Thanks again for all your prayers, we love you.


Sari said...

Thank God everything went well and thanks for the update. You are so strong too. It would've probably taken me a lot longer to get to a computer. Take care. Hugs.

Carol said...

Thank you for the update! Maybe it is good to be with other parents...we americans tend to be pioneers and forget how we sometimes just need companionship.

I am so glad it went well! I bet that did feel bad!

Love, hugs and kisses all around.

Campbell's House said...

Mucho love and prayers coming to you straight from Texas.
Love you guys!
Renee and Alan

Copper Rabbit said...

Prayers were answered. We are so thankful and relieved because we love the "Little Man". The Rice household definitely deserves a round of hugs & kisses. XXXOOO

Cari said...

Lots of prayers your way! Glad all is well! XO!

Michelle said...

Unfortunately for you, you are becoming an old pro at kids and hospitals! So glad everything went smoothly...I know it's not like France is a 3rd world country or anything, but hospitals are bad enough when you understand what people are saying much less when you can't...Aidan won't remember it, but it is probably the best birthday present you'll ever give him!