Pants are optional

Not me this time.

Aidan refused to put them on Thursday. What is a woman to do? Pick your battles. I let it go. So, this is Aidan walking up stairs (no the elevator god has yet to drop in). That will tell you the kind of Thursday we had. Thank God for Thursday morning.Friday, well, he just couldn't be bothered with waiting on me.Need a snack? Grab yourself some berries and pull up a chair to the pantry just in case.
Aidan and I would like to thank this very nice woman, Sabina, for spending her day with us completing pre-surgery lab work. I assure you, it put her muscles and eardrums to the test.

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Copper Rabbit said...

Kris said he was sure Aidan had grown since the photo in the previous blog. The other Chris said he wonders if Aidan has a five-o'clock shadow yet.